Elmfield Steiner School

Elmfield Early Years

Our venue for our two longer residentials each year. These take place during the school’s autumn and summer half term breaks. This school opened in the 1940s and is housed in two large Victorian houses, now linked and extended by many other buildings as the school has expanded. There are beautiful grounds with mature trees and a pond, in addition to the playground areas, equipment and class gardens which you would expect to find.

We meet in the elegant Teachers Room and hold our sessions in the Upper School classrooms, the beautiful eurythmy room and the large gym hall. As this is where our main arts and craft activities take place, students also visit the metal workshop and the handwork rooms. Students are allowed to ‘camp’ in the kindergarten rooms as a cheap accommodation option. Highlights of these long residentials are the delicious meals (cooked by a former pupil of the school now running a very successful catering business) and our special access to the wonderful cornucopia which is the School Shop.