NESWEC Anti-racism Statement (June 2021)

NESWEC commits to being an anti-racist organisation standing against any type of racism and racist activity. We acknowledge the need to be aware when making decisions or taking action that racism permeates all aspects of our society. Only by consciously addressing this can we strive towards meaningful change and progress.

What does this mean for NESWEC?

  • We respect Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on education and the nature of the developing human being, but we are aware of racist statements in his work and these we entirely repudiate.
  • We have a profound responsibility as advocates for holistic, age-appropriate education for young children and will engage with issues of racism directly. We stand against structural racism and any form of explicit or implicit discrimination.
  • Any ideologies that seek to exclude or disparage specific groups or types of people have no place within Steiner Waldorf education as we understand and strive to practice it. Steiner Waldorf education is a continually evolving global movement and there are schools and kindergartens in many countries representing a huge diversity of cultures and religions, including all the major world religions. The approach to early childhood education and care which we bring through NESWEC courses is intended to be inclusive and actively anti-racist.
  • We recognise that Steiner Waldorf Education and Teacher Education in the UK need to be more diverse. We are committed to this change and will continue to monitor and review this regularly to ensure that we are an inclusive organisation and to provide the opportunity to reflect on new ideas to promote equality and diversity.
  • We will endeavour to review our course content regularly incorporating anti-racist and inclusive approaches and to encourage all students to become part of this process by sharing their ideas and perspectives. We recognise that this is an ongoing process, and that old habits and traditions can sometimes prevent us seeing the need for change.
  • We realise that we will not get everything right all the time. But we will endeavour to listen and learn, and we will not assume that things are good enough. If you have any suggestions of your own which will help us to continue to move forward, we encourage you to discuss them with us.
  • This is a working document which will need to be reviewed regularly.

NESWEC Core Tutor Team

June 2021