Student Testimonials

"What would you tell someone thinking of starting this course?"

  • It's totally inspiring
  • Fantastic value for the costs
  • It's billed as something just for kindergarten teachers; but it's great for personal development and other pathways too, including Parent & Child work and child-minding
  • Fantastic quality of teaching and support

"The NESWEC course is really excellently put together. The calibre of the tutors is very high. I can thoroughly recommend this course for anyone in a Steiner setting who wants to know more."

Rebecca Mihill

"The first four months of the course have been hard work but what a lot I have gained! I have enjoyed the balance during weekend sessions between the practical (ring-times, singing, handcraft), the theoretical ideas that underpin kindergarten practice and the impetus for self-development.

I have felt supported in my studies by excellent seminars and the wealth of kindergarten experience brought by our tutors, as well as by the other students. It has been a wonderful opportunity for learning in the widest sense of the word."

Jennifer Power

"This course is enriching my life and making so many things make sense. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn in such a 'non imposing' way. It is such a welcome contrast to previous academic experiences. I feel like I am really in charge of my own learning and I am enjoying that process."

"The whole structure and rhythm of the course is very well thought out and delivered. It's a good balance of intellectual and creative stuff"

The course content is presented by a group of core and guest tutors. Some comments from students about the seminars and tutors include:

  • very clear at presenting very difficult concepts and engages us thoroughly
  • extraordinarily patient with our questions and wonderings
  • explains really complicated ideas extremely clearly
  • plenty of space for questions
  • seminars were very helpful, especially the many examples that tutors use from long experience of teaching
  • I loved the mix of movement and theory
  • Everything we learn on the course gives me more confidence in the way I work
  • I felt warmly welcomed
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