Study Groups

As part of this programme, there will be set texts which you are required to read. Some of these are original books by Rudolf Steiner. We recommend that you join, or form a study group to read and discuss selected books with colleagues or friends. This can be a very fruitful way of exploring complex ideas that you may be meeting for the first time. This will be discussed at the induction residential and a study group for the benefit of students will run in York immediately preceding the residentials there.

Study skills, resources and support

Our typical student is a mature student, who may be juggling paid work, family life, their NESWEC studies and their student placement. We recognise that some students have not been in a formal study situation for some years and studying in this context is different. Study skills sessions are a focus of each student's Induction and initial training, and are supported on an on-going basis through the course. There is a core tutor who is assigned pastoral care responsibilities for each student and student/ tutor communication is upheld as a priority through the course.

NESWEC has its own library housed at the York Steiner School and students will also be given information about accessing the lending library at Rudolf Steiner House by post, accessing texts on-line, and accessing books via local university libraries.