As this is a part time course, we cannot stress too strongly the importance of attending all the residentials. On a part-time course like ours, every session is important. We therefore expect you to prioritise attendance at residentials and be punctual. Missing more than 4 days from the residential timetable will require repeating (and paying for) the whole year.

There are five weekend residentials at York Steiner School which run from 7.30pm Friday until 1pm on Sunday. The school is a short bus ride (or a walk, in good weather and daylight) from the railway station. Friday supper can be booked @ £5, Saturday lunch can be booked @ £8, and students make their own arrangements for Saturday supper. Low-cost accommodation with school families can often be arranged for those who need it. Students may also make their own meal and accommodation arrangements.


The five-day residentials at Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School will usually run from Monday afternoon to Saturday and will be held during the English half term school holidays. The school is within walking distance, or a short taxi drive, of the railway station at Stourbridge Junction. Lunch and supper are available each day @ £8 per meal and classroom accommodation @ £5 per night (bring your own mattress and sleeping bag).

At all our residentials we provide drinks and snacks (often homemade) for the break times. There is a small charge for this and 50% of the profits go to the training like ours which runs in Vietnam. Each year we send this money, along with any other donations which tutors and students give, to our partners in Vietnam, where support for the training is badly needed.

Residential Dates for 2023 - 2024 Year are available here

For more information about our venues please see either our York Steiner School page or our Elmfield Steiner School page.