Course Fees

Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
One off annual fee, payable at the start of the year £1,980 £1,980 £900
Payment by instalments 3 x £680 3 x £680 3 x £325
Registration Fees £316 N/A £316

Payment for a split Year 1 or 2 will be half of this.

Registration Fees – these are additional non-refundable fees payable at the start of Year 1 and Year 3.

Year 1 – for the 2 year programme leading to the qualification Steiner Early Childhood Studies (Early Years Educator) Level 4, the registration fee will be £316.

Year 3 – for the work placement programme, leading to the qualification Diploma in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies – Level 5, the registration fee will be £316. It will meet the IASWECE benchmarks, which will be required to lead a Steiner Waldorf kindergarten.

These fees have been set by the awarding body and are confirmed for 2018. Rises in subsequent years are likely and will be confirmed within 3 months of the course commencement each October.

Annual Fees are payable at the beginning of each year of the course. Alternatively, in the case of years one and two, they may be paid in three instalments of £680 for Year 1 and Year 2 (total £2,040) due by the first residential of the autumn, spring and summer terms.

In the case of late payment, a surcharge of £50 must be paid for each payment that does not arrive by the due date. Please read the Policy and Procedure on Payment of Fees.

N.B. it may be necessary to increase fees in future years if costs rise. This will be kept to a minimum and at least 12 weeks' notice will be given of any changes.

Help with funding for early years courses at various levels is sometimes available from local authorities and sometimes from charitable trusts that support Steiner Waldorf education.

In addition to tuition fees, students will have to pay travel, food and accommodation costs for all the residentials (see Residentials for further details). It will also be necessary to budget for buying some books.